About Otto®

Otto Plastic, founded by Zafar Brother Industries at 1996.

We are leading manufacturers of plastic products in Pakistan, we originally based in Gujranwala and producing various plastic items like plastic furniture, room cooler, bodies, fan parts, etc.

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Company Profile 

Our 25+ years of excellence in the molded plastic furniture industry of Pakistan testifies to the statement.

At Otto Plastic Furniture, the experienced team of furniture experts and interior designers have curated a state-of-the-art range of furniture designs to stimulate the beauty, elegance, and longevity of the furniture industry in Pakistan’s homes. This range follows a 360-degree incorporation model to cover every style, finish, color, theme, and material of furniture to match your exact requirements:   

At the time of establishment of Otto the aim was very clear which we follow to date; make Otto a    lasting  brand which provides durable and high-quality products, tailored to the needs of its customers. The Otto journey from conception till today has been a wonderful ride in which after seeing our Steel and Plastic furniture range grow, we developed our plastic furniture, steel furniture, fan parts, air cooler body kit etc. manufacturer which is flourishing today along with our Home Appliances.